Paula M. Millin, Council Member Nominee

Institutional affiliation:  Kenyon College           

Area of specialization: Biopsychology; behavioral pharmacology

Website (if applicable):

Summary of professional interests:

While my earlier work involved the study of conditioned opiate effects and retrograde amnesia in rodent models, more recent work has focused on understanding drug and alcohol use in college students. Recent projects have investigated variables associated with the non-medical use of prescription stimulants in college students, the characteristics of effective vs ineffective intoxication mitigation strategies (internal vs external monitoring; proactive vs reactive monitoring, etc.), motivations for cannabis self-administration in the management of autoimmune diseases, and the effects of an acute dose of ethanol on physical and social rejection pain.

Representative publications:

Millin, P.M., Klace, F., & Krieg, D.B. (2023).A Comparative Analysis of the Frequency and Motivations for Cannabis Use in College Students With & Without an Autoimmune Disease.  Medical Research Archives, [S.l.], v. 11, n. 11. doi:

Kennedy, S., Millin, P.M., & Kennedy, G.J. (2021). A Preliminary Study Examining Self-Reported Invincibility, Alcohol Problems, and the Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants in College Students. Journal of Drug Issues, 52, 3-14.

Millin, P.M. & Riccio, D.C. (2019). False memory in nonhuman animals. Learning & Memory, 26, 381-386.

Millin, P.M. & *Rickert, G. T. (2018).Effect of a Strawberry and Spinach Dietary Supplement on Spatial Learning in Early and Late Middle-Aged Female Rats. Antioxidants, 8(1):1

Involvement in MPA:

Member since 1997; regularly attend and bring students, who present our work at the Psi Chi poster session.