MPA Mission Statement

The Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) is a regional psychological association affiliated with the American Psychological Association. Regional associations are representative of the scientific and professional interests of the psychologists within a given region of the country.


The mission of MPA is to advance the science, teaching, and application of psychology with a special focus on the Midwestern region of the United States

Core Values

  1. Innovation, rigor, transparency, and integrity in our science, education, and application
  2. Constructive scientific discourse
  3. Diversity and inclusiveness of people and ideas

Goals and Objective

  1. Promote scientific research in psychology in the Midwest
    a. Host an annual convention
    b. Recognize scientific merit with awards
    c. Promote best practices to foster innovation, rigor, transparency, and integrity
  2. Promote education, training, mentoring, and varied career opportunities in psychology in the Midwest
    a. Foster continuing professional education and development through conferences
    b. Support teaching and mentoring
    c. Develop academic and non-academic career resources
  3. Enhance diversity in the field and promote an inclusive and respectful climate
    a. Provide support for historically under-represented group members
    b. Periodically review priorities for defining diversity in the association
    c. Encourage people from diverse walks of life to the profession
  4. Maintain an effective and efficient organization
    a. Maintain an endowment/investment portfolio to foster our mission, values, and goals
    b. Follow transparent and prudent financial practices (e.g., align income with expenses)
    c. Align the income and expenditures of the association with MPA’s mission, values, and goals