SCRA/Division 27

If you’re looking for info on submitting to SCRA, feel free to go to the Submissions Page!

SCRA Goals

  • To promote the use of social and behavioral science to enhance the well-being of people and their communities and to prevent harmful outcomes.
  • To promote theory development and research that increases our understanding of human behavior in context.
  • To encourage the ongoing and mutual exchange of knowledge and skills among community psychologists, those in other academic disciplines, and community stakeholders so that community research and action benefits from the strengths of all perspectives.
  • To engage in action, research, and practice committed to promoting equitable distribution of resources, equal opportunity for all, non-exploitation, prevention of violence, active citizenry, liberation of oppressed peoples, greater inclusion for historically marginalized groups, and respecting all cultures.
  • To promote the development of careers in community research and action in both academic and applied settings.
  • To promote an international field of inquiry and action that respects cultural differences, honors human rights, seeks out and incorporates contributions from all corners of the world, and is not dominated by any one nation or group.
    • To influence the formation and institutionalization of economic, and social policy consistent with community psychological principles and with the social justice values that are at the core of our discipline.

Submission Rules and How to Submit

The submission should not exceed 400 words (excluding short abstract and references). This is the portion used for evaluative purposes.

The submission should:

    • Have a description of a community psychology research, teaching, or practice technique, project, or program
    • Contain results that describe how the technique, project, or program was assessed
    • Be clear and informative in essay format.
  • Meet one of the goals of the Society for Research Community and Action (SCRA) including:

If you’re looking for info on submitting to SCRA, feel free to go to the Submissions Page!