Society for the Teaching of Psychology Program at MPA

Submissions will be due by December 8th (extended as of November 30th)!

The STP-MPA Coordinators, Steven Meyers (Symposia and Roundtable Coordinator)Todd Manson (Poster Coordinator), and Deborah Miller (Invited Talk Coordinator), would like to welcome you to the relatively new teaching program at MPA.  Since 2009, the Council for Teaching of Undergraduate Psychology (CTUP) has been merged with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) to create a stronger network of teaching development for instructors who attend the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) conference.

Teaching sessions offer instructors of psychology at all levels the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills through invited workshops and lectures on teaching strategies and techniques presented by psychology instructors who have successfully employed these methods. These sessions also provide opportunities for instructors to present their own successful methods in posters and to discuss teaching topics in participant idea exchanges. Join this valuable teacher network that will serve as a foundation for support of good teaching and fellowship throughout the Midwest region by submitting your proposals for symposia, roundtable discussions, or posters and share your own creative scholarship of teaching.

This year at MPA, there will also be invited addresses focusing on the Teaching of Psychology.

Program proposals will be reviewed for selection based on appropriateness and consistency with a teaching focus, timeliness of session topic, creativity of approach, appropriateness to session format, and evidence of effectiveness.

Topics of interest (include, but are not limited to):

  • Active Learning
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Content Development
  • Distance Learning
  • Innovative Teaching Strategies
  • Instructional Design
  • Online Assessment or Online Collaboration
  • Student Diversity
  • Student Motivation
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Effective Capstone Courses
  • Research Programs for Students
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Creative demonstration of Psychological Issues
  • Critical thinking projects for Psychology students

To submit you have a choice of 3 different formatsPosterConcurrent Symposia or Roundtable Discussion

  1. Creative Classroom and Teaching Scholarship Poster Session

This session allows for 1 hour of informal interaction with a large number of conference participants. Poster sessions are presented in the form of an exhibit and delivered primarily through the use of brief remarks, visual displays, and handout materials.

  1. Concurrent Symposia on the Teaching of Undergraduate Psychology

Symposia allow for 30 minutes of formal presentation and 10 minutes of discussion and provide an opportunity for a panel of speakers [must have more than one speaker] with similar interests to share their expertise. This session type is best for those wishing to make formal presentations with questions and interaction.  Symposia may focus on a presentation on quantitative or qualitative research that has been conducted on issues addressing how to implement a teaching project or a set of successful teaching techniques addressing a particular topic a development implemented by your psychology department as a whole.  These sessions may also highlight trends and issues.

  1. Roundtable Discussions on the Teaching of Undergraduate Psychology

These 40 minute sessions are designed to promote open discussion around a significant issue or theme. Rather than making a formal presentation, session facilitators will encourage and maintain substantive discussion among session attendees. Discussions are best for those presenters wanting to share ideas and gain information from other conference participants in an open forum.

Submission Instructions

All submissions for STP are submitted using the same link. Click HERE to submit!

All submissions are due by December 8th, 2022

Also, ALL proposals (for Posters, Concurrent Symposia, or Roundtable Discussions) will require the following information.

  • The type of presentation
  • The title of the submission (10 words or less)
  • A Short Abstract for the published program which may not exceed 50 words
  • The Submission which may not exceed 400 words (excluding references) and which must include
    • A description of the teaching technique, project, or research on teaching
    • The results that describe how the project or technique was assessed
  • All Author’s or Discussion Leader’s name(s), academic degree(s), primary affiliation(s), and email addresses.


Please contact the STP-MPA coordinators, Steven Meyers or Todd Manson directly.