MPA Excellence in Service Award

Due February 19th, 2024

Faculty and other professional psychologists provide service to the organization, students, the field, and society. MPA recognizes that this service is vital in the development and maintenance of our organization and field and has established a Service Award to recognize those who provide outstanding service.

MPA invites nominations for the new MPA Excellence in Service Award. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominations will be reviewed by the Award Committee comprised of the MPA President, Past-President, and the President-Elect. Recommendations of the awards committee are ratified by the MPA Executive Committee.

Please nominate an MPA member who has demonstrated exceptional service through some or all of the following activities:

• Providing support to MPA through involvement in the organization and/or conference

• Providing leadership and support to the profession, for example by organizing meetings or workshops, reviewing grants and manuscripts, or developing programs or support organizations

• Providing service to the community, for example by calling on one’s expertise to educate the community on psychological issues or working with community organizations to develop psychologically-informed programs or evaluation    

• Candidates for the award must have been visibly active in MPA for no less than 10 years 

To Nominate a Candidate for the MPA Excellence in Service Award, please submit:

 • A brief nomination letter (typically, one to two pages in length) summarizing the person’s service activities and involvement in MPA by addressing any or all of the criteria above. 

• An updated CV for the candidate

• One additional letter of support is welcomed. This additional letter is not required and should be submitted by the primary nominator (including for self-nominations).

• Self-nominations are 100% acceptable.  

Note: MPA also offers a mentoring award for service that is primarily mentoring-based.


Questions should be directed to the MPA Executive Officers –