MPA Excellence in Mentoring Award

Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship built from experienced faculty members or other professional psychologists offer guidance, support, and encouragement aimed at developing the knowledge, professional skills, competencies, and character of others. MPA recognizes that the mentoring relationship is vital in the development of psychology graduates and students at all levels and has established a Mentor Award to recognize outstanding mentors.

MPA invites nominations for the new MPA Mentoring Award. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominations will be reviewed by the Mentor Award Committee comprised of the MPA President, Past-President, and the President-Elect. Recommendations of the awards committee are ratified by the MPA Executive Committee. A nominee who does not win the award will automatically have their materials considered for a second year.

Please nominate an MPA member who has demonstrated exceptional mentoring through some or all of the following activities:

• Involving large numbers of students in the annual MPA meeting 

• Guiding the early career development of various members of MPA and/or of the profession 

• Supervising and encouraging the scholarly activities of members of MPA and/or the profession    

• Contributing to the professional development of members of MPA and/or the profession 

• Candidates for the award must have been visibly active in MPA for no less than 10 years, and, ideally, should have mentored students who have participated in MPA  

To Nominate a Candidate for the MPA Mentorship Award, please submit:

 • A brief nomination letter (typically, one to two pages in length) summarizing the person’s mentoring activities by addressing any or all of the criteria above. 

• An updated CV for the candidate

 • One additional letter of support from a current or former student or colleague is welcomed. Also, this additional letter is not required and should be submitted by the primary nominator (including for self-nominations).

• Self-nominations are 100% acceptable.   

Nominations are due December 1st, 2022. To apply, click HERE.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Michael J. Bernstein (