Officers and Committees

Shira Gabriel
2025 MPA President

MPA Council

Heather M. Claypool – MPA Past President (2024 Meeting)
Miami University

Kimberly Quinn – MPA President Elect (2026 Meeting)
DePaul University

Melissa Buelow – Council Member (2025-2027)
The Ohio State University at Newark

Jiuqing Cheng – Council Member (2024-2026)
University of Northern Iowa

Christine Smith – Council Member (2023-2025)
Grand Valley State University

For a full list of people elected to serve as MPA Council Members since 2004, click HERE!

Appointed Officers

Michael J. Bernstein – Executive Officer (2018-Present)
Penn State University Abington

Kimberly Rios – Associate Executive Officer (2022-Present)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

James Wirth – Associate Executive Officer (2022-Present)
The Ohio State University at Newark

Daren Kaiser – Treasurer (2015-Present)
Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

Lorraine Grogan – Convention Manager (2016-Present) ConferenceDirect®

Allen R. McConnell – Investment Committee Chair
Miami University

Bernard L. Dugoni – Historian
University of Chicago

Program Committee

Members of the MPA Program Committee serve a three year term and have the following duties (approximate timeline is included as well):

(1) Help to develop a list of invited speakers, invited symposia, and moderators within your area of programming (TIMELINE: Summer)
(2) Review submissions in their program area along with their partner on the committee. Typical reviewing loads are between 100 and 200 submissions. Resolve discrepancies between you and team mates. (TIMELINE: a very busy 2 weeks in the middle of November).
(3) Attend the December Programming meeting in Chicago (paid for by MPA usually on the first Saturday of the month) and spend the day (8am-3pm) building the sessions for the program. This is a MUST attend meeting.

The committee is as follows.

Paige Lloyd – Program Moderator (2025 Meeting)
University of Denver

Vrinda Kalia – Miami University
Jennifer T Stanley, University of Akron
Jessica Rohlfing Pryor, The Family Institute at Northwestern University
BJ Rydell, Indiana University

Russ Webster, Penn State Abington
KatieAnn Skogsberg, Centre College
Peter Pierre, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jonathan J Hammersley, Western Illinois University

Marcellus M Merritt, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Randy McCarthy, Northern Illinois University


MPA Fellows and Local Representatives Info

Looking for information about becoming an MPA Fellow and who MPA Fellows are or who your local representative is? We moved that info to it’s own pages! Click the About tab to find those pages in the drop down or click HERE or MPA Fellow page and HERE for MPA Local Representative page.