MPA Statement Supporting Black Lives Matter

MPA’s mission is to support the dissemination of research ideas, effective teaching practices, and outreach and engagement activities that use research to improve knowledge and make the world better. This mission cannot be fully achieved when members of our MPA community experience chronic racism in all of its forms – subtle, overt, naïve, deliberate, institutionalized, group-based, or individually-motivated. We are outraged by violence targeted against black individuals in the US. The recent violence and expressions of racism are neither isolated nor new in US history. Furthermore, we are deeply troubled by efforts to quash protestors who are exercising their First Amendment right under the US Constitution.


We stand with our black colleagues and students, and all of our colleagues and students who have suffered from loss, fear, acts of violence, mistreatment, aggression (macro and micro), and other harmful acts that stem from prejudiced individuals, groups, and institutions.


MPA strives to provide an inclusive community that supports all individuals engaged with MPA’s mission. We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging among all members, but especially among members who, because of their chronic exposure to racism or marginalization, may benefit from our collective affirmation that they are valued members of our MPA community. To this end, MPA has taken concrete steps in recent years to achieve these goals, such as doubling the number of Diversity Travel Awards, crafting and disseminating a Diversity Statement, adding an Invited Presidential Address on Diversity to the MPA program, etc. We view these as promising initial steps, but commit to do even more. We encourage any and all members to communicate your ideas to MPA Council for other ways we can make MPA a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse place [email Executive Officer, Dr. Michael J. Bernstein, if you have suggestions].


We include below a partial list to resources and psychological organizations that support inclusion efforts: