Project Director for an NIH-funded grant

I am recruiting a Project Director for an NIH-funded grant focusing on post-viral issues, involving Mono and Long COVID.  Data have been collected on over 4,000 college students before Infectious Mono, and we are now engaged in a 6-year follow-up of this sample involving the long-term consequences of Mono. In this prospective, longitudinal study, we are also assessing our sample for symptoms due to COVID. Our team includes those from numerous disciplines including community psychology, clinical psychology, medicine, data mining, immunology, and metabolomics. We work closely with patients and patient organizations as we investigate these illnesses that have been challenging to understand,  diagnose and treat.  Information about our available position is below and given recent discussions on this listserv, funding for this position is available for up to $60,000.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and the job application url is below:


Len Jason, Ph.D.

DePaul University

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Guided by an ethic of Vincentian personalism and professionalism, DePaul compassionately upholds the dignity of all members of its diverse, multi-faith, and inclusive community. We seek to hire collaborative, open-minded, and dedicated professionals who are committed to advancing our university mission to making education accessible to all, with special attention to including underserved and underrepresented communities. Successful candidates thrive in an environment where ideas and perspectives representing a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences are welcome and supported.

General Summary
The Project Director will manage all project operations and supervise/facilitate all project staff activities in a prospective study of post viral fatigue among college students. This will cover areas of recruiting, training, interviewing, chairing of meetings, coordinating activities with consultants, writing reports, and assisting the PI in developing budgets and timelines.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Direct and facilitate all project operations and staff.
  • Maintain close contact with consultants and collaborators regarding data collection and the overall progress of the grant.
  • Assist in the recruitment and training of staff and volunteers.
  • Assist PI in writing research papers and reports.
  • Assist PI in strategic planning, developing budgets, and setting timelines.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Education & Experience

  •  Ph.D. in Psychology with preferences to Clinical, Community, Health, Developmental, Cognitive, or Social Psychology.

Preferred Requirements

  • Grant Project Management experience.

Managerial Responsibilities

  • The Project Director will supervise several staff, along with Leonard Jason, the Director of the Center for Community Research.
  • The Project Director will assist in writing IRB reports and annual reports to NIH.
  • The Project Director will have will have considerable expertise in statistical methods.

Financial Responsibilities

  • The Project Director will assist in budget management.

Other Skills & Abilities Required

  • Expertise of SPSS and excellent data management skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Participation in weekly project meetings.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.