VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Instructions for Presenters

MPA 2021 is occurring virtually! And there will be lots of questions about how presentations will occur. Below is a general description of the process. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Michael J. Bernstein, Executive Officer for MPA (

General Formats for 2021 Presentations

Presentations at the 2021 Conference will broadly fall into one of two categories: Live Sessions and On Demand Sessions.

Live Sessions: These are exactly what they sound like. The session will be conducted live with a moderator fielding questions during or after the session. These will mostly consist of our keynote speakers, workshops, and larger symposia or roundtable discussions.

On Demand Sessions: These will be sessions that are pre-corded and set to become available at a set date and time. These will often consist of posters or talks grouped thematically. Presenters are expected to be available either during their session (for posters) or after their talk (for papers) to respond to questions posted on their poster/talk webpage in the system and/or to jump into mini “zoom” rooms to talk with people interested in their work.

Presentations that are recorded can be done in any format (e.g., PowerPoint, Publisher, as a pdf) since you are screen sharing and recording it. You can then also upload files in any format as well should you want viewers to have access to the poster or talk slides.

How do I record my presentation?

For posters, paper talks, and almost everything recorded, you can use the system itself where you submitted your talk. Click HERE to go to your profile and find your accepted submission. This is where you record your presentation (you can screen share and record audio and visual on top of the presentation). You can, if you’d prefer, also upload your own video from outside the system (files must be saved as mp4). Click HERE for instructions on how to record one you’re in the system.

For recorded symposia, professional development sessions, and roundtables, the simplest solution is for you to record the entire presentation in Zoom or Teams (or some similar platform) and upload the recording to the system (files must be saved as mp4). The system can only record one presentation at a time and thus recording outside the system is the best one for this type of record presentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot record or upload your presentation until AFTER you have registered for the conference. All recordings must be done by March 25th, 2021. Click HERE to register for the conference.

Lengths of Recorded Presentations

If your paper has been accepted for presentation in an oral session, you will have 15 minutes total to speak. [Note: Invited papers have 30 minutes rather than 15.] 

Poster presenters will have 3 minutes to record a presentation of their poster. MPA’s regular rules for poster dimensions still apply (e.g., during in person conferences, we simply tell poster presenters that their posters need to fit on poster boards that are 4 feet x 8 feet in size).