ELECTIONS 2023! Will open soon…

Nominees for Council

Jiuqing Cheng, University of Northern Iowa

Beth Ann Rice, Slippery Rock University  

Justin R. Yates, Northern Kentucky University (NKU)

Nominees for President Elect

Leandre R. Fabrigar, Queen’s University

Shira Gabriel, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Kimberly Quinn, DePaul University

What do Council members do? All major decisions about the direction and management of the conference are managed by the MPA Council. Some of these are specific and happen every year (e.g., selecting from nominations for the Program Committee, appointment new chairs of program committee, selecting new MPA Fellows, awarding Diversity Travel Award winners), while others are more broad (e.g., deciding how to invest our resources under the guidance of the Investment committee, deciding on new initiatives for the conference). 

What specifically does the President-Elect do? The President-Elect sits on the seven person Council and helps guide the conference. In addition and every year, the Presidential team (President-Elect, President, and Past President) select MPA Fellows and the winner of the MPA Excellence in Mentoring award. The President-Elect, in the year they serve as President, is responsible for selecting the five to seven Presidential Keynote speakers, giving the Presidential Address, and writing the President’s Message in the program book.