MPA 2021 Awardees

This page is dedicated to those faculty scholars who were awarded, in the most recent year, Fellow Status or to graduate students who were awarded the Graduate Student Paper Awards or the Graduate Student Diversity Travel Awards.

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MPA Fellows for 2021

  • Bradley Okdie, The Ohio State University – Newark
  • Charlotte Witvliet, Hope College
  • Eric Leshikar, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • James H. Wirth, The Ohio State University – Newark
  • Joel Nadler, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Judah Viola, National Louis University
  • Kathy Sexton-Radek, Elmhurst University
  • M. Anne Britt, Northern Illinois University
  • Mary Inman, Hope College
  • Tonya Hall, Chicago State University
  • William Chopik, Michigan State University

MPA Graduate Student Paper Award Winners for 2021

  • Elena Brandt, Florida State University, “Great Leaders Are All Jerks: Perceptional Tradeoffs of Managerial Decisions”
  • ​Jenna Osterlund, Northern Illinois University, “Temporal Effects of Acquired Vestibular Pathology on Mouse Exploratory Behavior”
  • Joseph Lancaster, Cleveland State University, “Avoidant Coping May Help Explain Why Perceived Stress Predicts Craving “
  • ​Hannah Elias, Miami University, “On the Loneliness-Reducing Power of Awe”
  • Hui Bai, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, “The Symmetry of Two Forms of Dehumanization in Racial Prejudice”
  • Megan Norris, University of Louisville, “Moving Up: Children Recognize and Intervene in Unequal Workplace Hierarchies”