2018 MPA Invited Program

Invited Addresses

These scholars will be giving invited addresses at the 2018 MPA meeting:

Sarah Brosnan, Georgia State University, “Cooperative decision making in non-human primates”

Molly Crockett, Yale University, “Modeling Morality: How Harm Aversion Shapes Moral Decisions, Judgments and Inference”

Randall Engle, Georgia Tech University, “Working memory capacity is more about maintenance and fluid intelligence is more about disengagement”

Kiley Hamlin, University of British Columbia, “The infantile origins of human morality: studies with preverbal infants and toddlers”

Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan, “Cultural Neuroscience: Linking Context to Genes and the Brain”

John Pryor, Illinois State University, "Sexual harassment: A social psychological perspective."

Mark Leary, Duke University, "We Can’t All Be Right: Psychological and Social Implications of Intellectual Humility" 

Daniel Cervone, University of Illinois at Chicago, "Personality as a complex system: How are we going to teach that?"

Nicholas Epley, University of Chicago, "Mindwise: Teaching intuitive psychologists about experimental psychology."

John F. Dovidio, Yale University, "The Subtlety of Contemporary Racism: Implications for Intergroup Perceptions, Interactions, and Policy."

Linda Skitka, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Moral Psychology: An Overview and Agenda for Future Theory and Research”

Invited Workshops

These invited workshops in statistics and research methods will be offered at the 2018 MPA meeting;

Chad Drake, Southern Illinois University, “Life Skills Modules: A Supervisor’s Approach to Teaching Acceptance and Commitment Therapy”

Paul G. Curran, Grand Valley State University, “Deterrence, detection, and implications of carelessly invalid responding”

Erin M. Buchanan, Missouri State University, “Third Wheels and Interactions: Mediation and Moderation Analyses”


Invited Symposia

These invited symposia will be offered at the 2018 MPA meeting:

Organizers: Jeanette Altarriba, University at Albany, SUNY, “How Language Speaks to Memory in the Bilingual Mind and Brain”

OrganizersHeather M. Claypool, Miami University, “Social psychological phenomena in the 2016-2017 political context”

OrganizersRebecca J. Gilbertson, University of Minnesota-Duluth, “Neuroscience of Addiction: Animal Models and Human Risk Factors”

Invited Talks

These scholars will give invited talks at the 2018 MPA meeting:

Chana K. Akins, University of Kentucky

Marc Berman, The University of Chicago

Kevin Blankenship, Iowa State University

Ryan Bogdan, Washington University in St. Louis

Anthony Burrow, Cornell University

Lorne Campbell, University of Western Ontario

Evangelia G. Chrysikou, University of Kansas

David Cosio, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

Eros DeSouza, Illinois State University

M. Brent Donnellan, Michigan State University

Martha Escobar, Oakland University

Sarah Francis, University of Toledo

Perla Gamez, Loyola University Chicago

Wind Goodfriend, Buena Vista University

Verena Graupmann, DePaul University

Meara M. Habashi, Purdue University

Karl Healey, Michigan State University

Erin Henshaw, Denison University

E. Tory Higgins, Columbia University

Kurt Hugenberg, Miami University

Zlatan Krizan, Iowa State University

Joshua C. Magee, Miami University

Randy McCarthy, Northern Illinois University

Sylvia Morelli, University of Illinois at Chicago

Kara Morgan-Short, University of Illinois at Chicago

Mary Murphy, Indiana University

Nicole L. Muscanell, Pennsylvania State University, York

Jessica M. Nolan, University of Scranton

Sylvia Perry, Northwestern University

Jae A. Puckett, University of South Dakota

Randall Renstrom, Central College

Nathan S. Rose, University of Notre Dame

Erica D. Schneid, Bloomsburg University

Kimberly Schneider, Illinois State University

Elizabeth Shelleby , Northern Illinois University

Clarissa Thompson, Kent State University

Lucas Torres , Marquette University

Ilja Van Beest, Tilburg University

Elizabeth M. Wakefield, Loyola University Chicago

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