Clinical Psychologist – Female Treatment Center

Clinical Psychologist

Female Treatment Center

  • looking for someone driven by social justice
  • has a passion for caring for the underserved community
  • who thrives on making a difference

Logan Correctional Center, Lincoln, IL

  • Intake/classification center for women
  • Fast-paced environment
  • Solid support from experienced leadership
  • Significantly different from the standard 15 minute evals/therapy
  • Clinically diverse, unlike most any other environment

Applicants can apply at


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  • 401K savings plan with 6% match up to 50%


Under the direct supervision of the designated Wexford Health manager, Senior Psychologist and/or IDOC personnel as appropriate, provides psychological services to patients receiving mental health services. Duties include assessment, consultation, liaison, and psychotherapeutic interventions as appropriate. Communicates clinical findings in writing, as well as through consultation with Mental Health Unit staff.  Utilizes electronic medical record system as applicable throughout the scope of duties and responsibilities.

Additional duties may include

  1. Conduct psychological screening, assessment and/or evaluations on all offenders referred for examination and/or treatment following IDOC format and guidelines.
  2. Prepare treatment plans on all offenders requiring specialized therapy.
  3. Supervise the provision of services by all Vendor qualified mental health professionals
  4. Participates in interdisciplinary treatment team meetings.
  5. Serve as member or leader of the Center Crisis Intervention Team. This may include: Providing assessments and brief therapy to offenders identified as experiencing a psychological/emotional crisis, 24 hour, on-call status for consultation in crisis situations, training of Crisis Intervention Team members, maintaining required crisis intervention documentation and monitoring all delivery of service to offenders on crisis status.
  6. Provides clinical evaluation for treatment needs of inmates referred by medical, counseling, security or other facility staff.
  7. Provides clinical supervision of the facility Crisis Team.  This includes provision of quarterly Crisis Team training and consultation to team members on all crisis interventions.  Such consultations may be carried out by phone during off duty hours.
  8. Provides crisis intervention counseling, brief therapy and group therapy as indicated for Center residents
  9. Provide consultation to center staff and administration on the treatment of specific offenders or pertaining to broader Center program issues impacting the mental health of staff and offenders.
  10. Completes comprehensive psychosocial history on each admission to the Mental Health Unit.
  11. Provides individual and group therapy for offenders identified through evaluation or referred by other qualified mental health professionals.
  12. Administer, score and interpret objective and projective psychological testing in appropriate cases.
  13. Conduct discharge planning for seriously mentally ill offenders returning to the community in the absence of a Clinical Social Worker.
  14. Provides documentation in accordance with unit policies and procedures.
  15. Contributes to Mental Health Unit development and evaluation.
  16. Conduct staff training and development and assist in the design of treatment techniques, interventions and programs.
  17. Participates in and conducts in-service programs; assists in orientation of new staff, provides staff training to facility personnel on mental health issues including the function of the Crisis Team and how to access its services
  18. Monitor the provisions of crisis services to include review of documentation for accuracy, completeness, and fulfillment of Center directives and procedures
  19. Coordinate closely with the Center consulting psychiatrist to ensure patients requiring evaluation for medication or re-evaluation of current medications are seen by the psychiatrist/physician in a timely manner and the psychiatrist is aware of any information pertinent to the patient’s clinical condition.
  20. Monitor the clinical condition and treatment of special offender populations (e.g., Guilty but Mentally Ill, Developmentally Disabled, Seriously Mentally Ill) as determined necessary by the ADs or local policy (center’s institutional directives).
  21. Maintain documentation on all mental health contacts to include submission of a monthly summary report to the IDOC Chief of Mental Health Services and/or Wexford Health Sources representatives as required or requested.
  22. Where applicable, provide services for those inmates who need to be transferred to Mental Health facilities.  Services to include any work-up or court hearing testimony needed.
  23. Where applicable, participate in the treatment programming and planning, discussion of problem cases, follow up and monitoring of medication and general psychiatric input.
  24. Provide mental health services in compliance with all Administrative Directives and Departmental Rules.
  25. Provide staff training in areas related to mental health issues such as signs and symptoms of mental illness, management of mentally ill inmates, crisis intervention and related topics.
  26. Participate in Behavioral Health Ground Rounds as directed.
  27. Attends mandatory in-services on annual basis.
  28. Adheres to universal precautions and other appropriate infection control practices.
  29. Maintains open lines of communication via attendance at staff meetings and/or use of communication book.
  30. Adheres to safety and security policies and participates in disaster drills.
  31. Follows security regulation policies and participates in disaster drills.
  32. Provides documentation in accordance with unit policies and procedures.
  33. Receives direction from IDOC personnel as appropriate, including but not limited to Wardens, Health Care Unit Administrators
  34. Conforms to Wexford Health Sources, Inc., and facility regulations as appropriate, to include, but not be limited to: dress code, schedule/time sheet/time clock, safety and security regulations, and procedure for sick leave/vacation time/education seminars.
  35. Maintains the confidentiality of inmate records.
  36. Approaches change in a positive manner.
  37. Makes suggestions for improving work conditions to the Medical Director and Health Care Unit Administrator.
  38. Accepts constructive criticism in stressful situations.
  39. Perform other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above and within the scope of his/her clinical training and/or licensure/certification.

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.


Standard medical setting within a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with offenders/patients, correctional staff, and health care personnel.  Temperature extremes may be encountered while moving throughout the facility outdoors and indoors in buildings without air conditioning.

Current license in the State of Illinois as Clinical Psychologist.

CERTIFICATION: Current CPR certification.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology


  • Experience in working in a clinical setting as a psychologist or licensed mental health professional.
  • Prior experience with use of electronic medical record system.