2022 MPA Program and Mobile App

The MPA 2022 Program IS HERE!

Click HERE for the pdf of the program which went to print on April 1st!

Click HERE for a version of the program the submission system generates. It will show you exactly what you submitted and you can search by tracks. 

If you see errors in the program, please contact Dr. Michael J. Bernstein (mjb70@psu.edu) with as much info as possible about your submission, the original submission, and the request you’d like to make to have changed. The program at this point is locked to any major edits that change page counts, but we will have an Errata insert for the programs which can still document changes to the program.


The MPA 2022 Mobile App IS HERE!

The MPA 2022 Mobile App is ready! Click HERE to access the mobile app or search for “eConference.io” in your app store. Use code MPA22 as the access code.