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  • 10 Apr 2015 3:39 PM | Anonymous
    The department of Behavioral Medicine at Midwestern University invites applications for an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology.  To find out more about the position go to the Jobs page.

  • 13 Oct 2014 1:58 PM | Anonymous

    The following research methods and statistics workshops will be offered at the 2015 MPA meeting:


    Joh John Spencer, PhD, University of Iowa, on modeling using dynamic neural field theory.

    ·         W. Joel Schneider, PhD, Illinois State University, on practical psychometrics.

    ·         Charles S. Reichardt, PhD, University of Denver, “How to Be a Brilliant Researcher.”

    ·         Matthew S. Fritz, PhD, University of Nebraska Lincoln, “Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Models.”


  • 23 Sep 2014 3:05 PM | Anonymous

    A preliminary list of invited speakers for the 87th annual meeting of MPA (Apr. 30 - May 2, 2015) is posted here.

  • 16 Apr 2014 12:01 PM | Anonymous
    Advanced registration for the 2014 MPA Annual Meeting has ended. You can still join MPA, renew your membership, and/or register for the meeting onsite. Onsite registration opens at 7:30AM on Thursday and Friday and at 8:00AM on Saturday. 
  • 28 Mar 2014 9:14 AM | Anonymous
    Larned State Hospital (Larned, Kansas) is seeking masters- and doctoral-level psychologists interested in full-time employment in a forensic setting. Please see their job postings on our website.
  • 26 Mar 2014 9:28 PM | Anonymous
    Print it and post it on your office door! It is here.
  • 12 Mar 2014 8:41 AM | Anonymous

    Northwestern's Department of Psychology is hosting a program on Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th for undergraduates who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups (including first generation college students), and who are potentially interested in pursuing graduate study in psychology.  Activities will include a workshop designed to help with the graduate school application process and opportunities to meet psychology department faculty members and graduate students to learn what graduate school is like and how they might fit into the graduate programs and laboratory groups at Northwestern.  Travel and accommodation costs associated with participation will be covered, and the application process will be fast and free (applications are due by April 14th @ 5 pm).  If you know of any relevant students who may be interested in this program, I would be very grateful if you could bring it to their attention!  You can simply direct them to our website for more information.


    If there is an administrator or a student group in your department that is specifically concerned with student diversity issues, please feel free to forward this email message. We greatly appreciate your help in getting the word out about this program.


    Thanks so much,


    Doug Medin

  • 30 Jan 2014 11:20 AM | Anonymous

    American Psychological Association

    2014 APA Achievement Award

    for Early Career Professionals


    The Committee on Early Career Psychologists is pleased to announce the achievement award program for early career members from all areas of psychology (education, practice, public interest and science) to attend the 2014 APA Annual Convention in Washington, DC, August 7undefined10 at the Washington Convention Center.


    Forty award recipients will receive $750 to be applied toward their 2014 APA convention expenses.  The program is designed to encourage first time attendance and increase representation of early career members at the APA convention.


    Criteria for applying are: an APA early career member (within ten years receipt of their doctorateand a first-time convention attendee. In addition, preference will be given to those in independent practice, those in basic psychological science or those who will be presenting at the 2014 convention. The submission package must include the following information:


    1.       Brief statement (maximum one page) about your interest in attending the convention and how you will use this award to support your attendance. Please highlight any significant achievements in your career as well as any leadership positions you have held as an early career psychologist (within APA, other related scholarly or professional organizations such as state and local psychological associations) and indicate how you believe you would benefit from attending the convention.  Also, please include in your statement if your primary work is in independent practice, basic psychological science, or if the 2014 convention will be your first APA convention and if you will be receiving other funding to help cover your expenses.


    2.       Please include an abstract of your presentation along with the title and the names of co-presenters that you will be presenting at the 2014 convention.


    3.       Include your Curriculum Vitae (the year you were awarded a doctorate in psychology should be clearly stated).


    Electronic submission instructions:  Please submit all materials in a single Word document.  Put your name and the name of the award in the subject line (e.g. Jane Smith, Early Career Achievement Award).


    The deadline for submission of materials is March 3, 2014, 11:59 pm (EST). Email all materials toearlycareer@apa.org. Award winners will be notified in April 2014 and will be acknowledged during the Early Career Social Hour sponsored by the Committee on Early Career Psychologists at the APA convention in Washington, DC.


  • 27 Jan 2014 4:27 PM | Anonymous
    You can access a draft of the 2014 program here.

    Please remember that all attendees should register for the annual meeting in advance. Registration is NOT automatic with membership this year. Only attendees who register in advance will have a name badge ready for them when they arrive at the meeting. Avoid long lines and high fees; register in advance today.
  • 07 Jan 2014 7:45 PM | Anonymous

    This year's MPA Annual Meeting will feature a symposium entitled, Cognition, Metacognition, and Knowledge Acquisition: Current Approaches to Learning in Complex Cognitive Domains. The symposium organizer is Thomas Carr (Michigan State University).

    The symposium includes papers from leading researchers in cognitive psychology and cognitive development:

    Blocking Benefits Foreign Language Pronunciation Learning More Than Interleaving
    SHANA CARPENTER, Iowa State University

    Successive Relearning Improves Course Exam Performance and Long-Term Retention
    KATHERINE RAWSON, Kent State University

    Test-Enhanced Learning across Domains: The Strange Case of Visuospatial Memory
    THOMAS H. CARR, Michigan State University

    From Action to Abstraction: Using the Hands to Learn Math
    SUSAN GOLDIN-MEADOW, University of Chicago

    Evidenced-Based Education Reform: Promising Approaches and New Directions
    JOHN DUNLOSKY, Kent State University

    Cognitive psychologists and cognitive developmentalists have become increasingly interested in doing research and developing theories that lead to applications in the real world. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the investigation of education-relevant problems, such as those represented here: foreign language acquisition, learning in academic courses, differences in learning across cognitive domains, and the role of different kinds of learning activities in maximizing achievement. The symposium brings together four different takes on what such research is like and what it might contribute to theory and to application, plus a discussion that aims to rise above the details to focus on what this "new wave" of applied cognitive psychology is all about.

    The symposium is Friday (5/2) at 10:30AM at the Chicago Palmer House Hilton. You may register for the annual meeting on the MPA website: www.midwesternpsych.org.

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