MPA Elections (2021)

Nominations for the 2021 election will be held in January 2021. Elections are scheduled to be held sometime between February and March 2021.

This is the page about MPA elections! Each year, MPA members in good standing as of the last meeting are eligible to vote for President Elect and for an MPA Council member. Below we outline the duties of the positions:

Council Member is a three year term that begins after the 2021 Conference ends.  Council Members attend the Wednesday evening Council dinner and meeting to discuss the health and direction of the Council. They are involved in the selection of the MPA Graduate Student Diversity Travel Awards.

It is vital to the health of the organization that skilled, committed psychologists serve in these leadership positions.

You can see current members of the MPA Council by going to the Officer page.


MPA Elections 2021 Candidates and Winners

This year, we were so privileged to have amazing candidates running for our Council position.

Rosalyn Davis was declared the winner of this election!

You can find information about our candidates below:

Rosalyn Davis, Indiana University Kokomo

Peter G. Mezo, University of Toledo

Jennifer Tehan Stanley, University of Akron