2017 MPA Invited Program

Invited Addresses

These scholars gave invited addresses at the 2017 MPA meeting:

Kristin Buss, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, "Development of social anxiety symptoms for fearful children: A biopsychosocial approach."

Silvia Sara Canetto, PhD, Colorado State University, "Why are suicide rates highest among 'White' older adult men?"

Amy J. C. Cuddy, PhD, Harvard Business School. "Fear and loathing in psychology? How we can (and should) increase trust, openness, and goodwill among psychologists."

Ashley Gearhardt, PhD, University of Michigan, “An examination of the validity of food addiction.”

Regan Gurung, PhD, University of Wisconsin Green Bay, "Doing SoTL: Accomplishments and challenges to doing pedagogical research."

Lynn Hasher, PhD, University of Toronto, “The benefits of poor cognitive control.”

Scott O. Lilienfeld, PhD, Emory University, "How shrinks think: Cognitive biases and their implications for clinical practice."

Elizabeth F. Loftus, PhD, University of California Irvine, "The fiction of memory."

Allen R. McConnell, PhD, Miami University, "Bring the family: Relationships with pets and family members promote health and well-being."  

Janet Swim, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, "Environmental psychology in the dawn of the 21st century."

Janie H. Wilson, PhD, Georgia Southern University, "Statistics and research methods reduce stress and enhance learning."


Invited Workshops

These invited workshops in statistics and research methods were offered at the 2017 MPA meeting;

Erin P. Hennes, PhD, and Sean P. Lane, PhD, Purdue University, “Power to the people: Flexible simulation methods for power analysis.”

Jon E. Grahe, PhD, Pacific Lutheran University, “Crisis schmeisis: Open Science benefits personal workflow cumulatively for science.”

Elizabeth Page-Gould, PhD, University of Toronto“Multilevel modeling.”

Annalyn NgMPhil, Disney Corp. and government of Singapore, “Mining Facebook data for personality profiling.”


Invited Symposia

These invited symposia were offered at the 2017 MPA meeting:

Organizers: Edward K. Vogel, PhD, and Ed AwhPhD, University of Chicago, "Tracking attention and learning through time and space."

Organizer: Christine A. Gidycz, PhD, Ohio University, "Key issues in sexual assault prevention: Bystander behavior and alcohol use."

Organizer: Christine Reyna, PhD, DePaul University, “New perspectives in moral psychology."

Organizers: Douglas G. Wallace, PhD, Northern Illinois University, “Neuroplasticity: Linking brain and behavior in animal models of neuropathology.”

Invited Talks

These scholars gave invited talks at the 2017 MPA meeting:

Dolores Albarracin, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jeanette Altarriba, PhD, University at Albany, SUNY

Woo-Young Ahn, PhD, The Ohio State University

Heather Bailey, PhD, Kansas State University

Michael J. Berstein, PhD, Pennsylvania State University Abington

Wiebke Bleidorn, PhD, University of California Davis

Ryan P. Brown, PhD, The University of Oklahoma

Adreinne R. Carter-Sowell, PhD, Texas A&M University

Daniel Casasanto, PhD, University of Chicago

Joseph Cesario, PhD, Michigan State University 

Christopher R. Chartier, PhD, Ashland University

William Chopik, PhD, Michigan State University

Andrew D. Engell, PhD, Kenyon College 

Christopher Federico, PhD, University of Minnesota

Jeremy A. Frimer, PhD, University of Winnipeg

Douglas A. Gentile, PhD, Iowa State University 

Jessica L. Harnett, PhD, Gannon University

Carlee Beth Hawkins, PhD, University of Illinois Springfield

Kimberly Kirkpatrick, PhD, Kansas State University 

Christopher A. Kurby, PhD, Grand Valley State University

Jeri Little, PhD, Hillsdale College

Marilee Martens, PhD, The Ohio State University Newark

Leandra Parris, PhD, Illinois State University 

Evava S. Pietri, PhD, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Sarah E. Racine, PhD, Ohio University

Brent W. Roberts, PhD, University of Illinois

Amanda Roy, PhD, University of Illinois Chicago

Lili Sahakan, PhD, University of Illinois 

Laura D. Scherer, PhD, University of Missouri Columbia

Michael J. Serra, PhD, Texas Tech University

April R. Smith, PhD, Miami University 

Mary Beth Spitznagel, PhD, Kent State University

Alexa M. Tullet, PhD, University of Alabama

Russell Webster, PhD, Pennsylvania State University Abington

Mikhila Wildey, PhD, Grand Valley State University

David S. Yeager, PhD, University of Texas

Virgil Zeigler-Hill, PhD, Oakland University



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