MPA Officers and Committees

MPA Council

Margo Monteith; MPA President (2014 Meeting);
Purdue University

Russell Fazio; MPA Past-President (2013 Meeting);
Ohio State University

John Pryor; MPA President-Elect (2015 Meeting);
Illinois State University

Allen McConnell; Council member (2011-2014);
Miami University

Amanda Diekman; Council member (2012-2015);
Miami University

Edward Hirt; Council member (2013-2016);
Indiana University

Appointed Officers

Robert Weis; Secretary (2011-2014);
Denison University

Daren Kaiser; Treasurer (2012-2015);
Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

Phillip Finney; Convention Manager

Donal Carlston; Investment Committee Chair;
Purdue University

Bernard Dugoni; Local Arrangements Coordinator;
University of Chicago

Joseph Ferrari; Volunteer Coordinator;
DePaul University

Steve Nida, Convention Affairs Coordinator,
The Citadel


Program Committee
The program committee plans the Annual Meeting and reviews submissions.

Leslie Ashburn-Nardo; Program Moderator;
Indiana-Purdue University, Indianapolis
(2014 Meeting)

Michael Bernstein - Pennsylvania State University

Russell Brown - East Tennessee State University
(2012 - 2014)
Jason Chan - Iowa State University
Tracy DeHart - Loyola University Chicago

Renae Franiuk - Aurora University

Johnathan Forbey - Ball State University
Helen C. Harton - University of Northern Iowa

Alycia Hund - Illinois State University
(2012 - 2014)
Joel T. Nadler - Southern Illinois University

Kimberly Rios - University of Chicago
Erica Weisgram - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Ryan Yoder - Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne

MPA Fellows

Fellow status is the highest honor MPA can award a member. Selection requires evidence of significant contributions to the discipline of psychology and/or service to MPA in terms of scholarship, productivity, leadership, and visibility. Fellow status also requires at least three years of MPA membership and at least five years of experience subsequent to the doctoral degree. Fellow selection is made annually by a committee including the President-elect, current President, and past President of MPA.

If you know of an MPA member who you think deserves Fellow status, please nominate that person by sending a brief email to Robert Weis, MPA Secretary before February 1st. MPA is also happy to accept self-nominations for fellows.

List of MPA Fellows


Local Representatives of MPA

Local representatives serve as liaisons between MPA and university Psychology Departments or other programs and institutions. All colleges and universities should have a local MPA representative. If your institution is not listed and you’d like to serve as a local rep, please contact Elaine Blakemore, the local rep coordinator.

List of Local Representatives


Margo Monteith

Margo Monteith, MPA President


Contact the MPA Secretary.

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